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QuadStation 6 i7 Trader

$2,340.00 $2,195.00

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Base Specs: Intel Quad Core i7 CPU, Win7 64bit Pro, 32G DDR4 mem, 240g M.2 solid state drive, 500g restore drive, DVDRW, USB KBM, 3 year warranty, FREE login support service, FREE shipping. Monitors and mounts are sold separately.

Overview:  The QS6-i7 Trader is a very powerful and reliable 6 screen computer for trading with Windows 7. The QS6 was designed for traders who appreciate supreme quality and want the best trading hardware available to date.

The QuadStation 6 comes standard with Intel's fastest i7 Extreme Series processor and plenty of memory so the power will be there when you need it. Once you begin using a QuadStation system for trading, you will see the performance advantages right away in your trading environment.

Video Connections:

  • 6 x DisplayPort or DVI
  • 6 x 10ft DisplayPort or DVI cables included (your choice based on your monitors)
  • Optional: DisplayPort to HDMI 4k active adapters
  • When using HDMI adapters 4k resolution is based on 30Hz

Ready for Work Out of the Box: QuadStations are built for serious speed and fully tested prior to shipment. When your system arrives it is ready to go out of the box. Nothing to install or register we do all of that for you in production. Just load your trading platform and you are ready to go.

FREE SHIPPING on everything! Anywhere in the continental US. International customers please contact us for a shipping quote.