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Monitor Stand to Mount 12 Displays

The K31221F is a professional quality monitor stand for mounting 12 displays in a 6 wide by 2 high configuration. This sturdy monitor mount creates a very efficient and productive multiple monitor environment.

This stand features vertical and horizontal adjustments as well as 12 degree individual angle adjustments for each monitor. Support for up to 12 x 27" displays with a solid freestanding style base. 

This mount is made up of 3 independent freestanding mounts providing more flexibility of layout including creating more of a semi-circle layout if desired.


  • VESA mounting heads can easily be moved along the horizontal arms for nearly unlimited lateral adjustment, so aligning monitors horizontally is a breeze.
  • VESA mounting heads provides smooth, fingertip tilt 12 degrees in all directions.
  • Independent height adjustment of each Arm and each Center Head along the column provides easy fine-tuning of vertical screen alignment.
  • Array arms can be adjusted from 0 (flat) to a 15 degree angle toward the user for optimization of viewing angles (forward and back).
  • The support arms have individual swivel/tilt VESA mounting heads for smooth adjustment by 12 degrees in any direction as well as rotation.
  • The strong freestanding bases easily supports all displays and balanced perfectly. 


Color: Black
Mounting Method: 3 x Freestanding Bases
VESA Compatibility: 75mm, 100mm
Number of Monitors Supported: Up To 12 x 27" Displays
Orientation: Landscape & Portrait
Screen Array Configuration: 6 x 2
Shipping Weight: 117 lbs
Individual VESA Head Tilt: +/- 12 degrees
Vertical Pole Height: 39.06"
Weight Capacity: 15 lb per monitor
Overall Dimensions: 38.8" (h) x 34" (w) x 15.5" (d) - x 3
Warranty: 10 Years


  • Product comes mostly pre-assembled, so installation is fast & easy.
  • The vertical pole bolts to the base, the horizontal bars mount to the vertical pole.
  • Teardrop hole pattern simplifies monitor mounting.
  • VESA 75 mm and 100mm compatible.
  • Tool-free, integrated cable management.