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QuadStation 2 CAD Workstation


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CAD Computer With Dual Monitors

Computer Specs: Intel Quad Core i7 CPU, 32G DDR4 mem, 2x 480g SSD Drives (1=System / 1=Restore), Windows 10 64bit Pro, DVDRW, 4K graphics, USB KB/M, Speakers, 3 year warranty, FREE remote support service. (monitors and mounts sold separately).

Video Specs1x DisplayPort  4K (v1.2+) 1x HDMI 4K (x1.4+) Integrated on motherboard.  Need more powerful graphics? Upgrade the video card above. If you need more than 2 screens, See the QS-CAD3. Triple display CAD system.

CAD/CAE certified video card. Support for: OpenGL 4.4, OpenCL 1.2, DirectX 11.2, HD3D Pro, Eyefinity, Crossfire. Option to upgrade video card above.

The QS-CAD2 dual display workstation is specifically designed for engineering, architectural, CAD, digital content creation, 3D and scientific modeling. Allow us to provide just the box or a complete turnkey setup including monitors and mount.

The system comes packed with all of the power including a super fast Intel i7 processor. The fastest processor series on the planet. 

This high performance machine is built for the serious professional looking for a fast and reliable CAD workstation. We do not bog our systems down with unnecessary software, just a nice clean slate ready for you to load your design applications. It is ready for work out of the box.

High Quality Case

  • Sound dampening front and sides for a quiet working environment.
  • Hinged front door helps keep the dust out.
  • Easily accessible double dust filter in front.
  • 2 large internal cooling fans to keep your components cool.
  • Easy access USB ports and power button right on top.

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